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1. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Project (GEWEP): Implementation of MenEngage component of the project 1] Men and boys are pro-actively promoting and supporting women’s rights, 2]Vulnerable women participate in the public arena, including decision-making that affects their lives, and take up leadership positions 7 districts of Southern province(5 years) CARE
2. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Project (GEWEP): Implementation of MenEngage component of the project 1] GBV laws and policies are advocated for through the engagement of Men and Boys. 2] Implementation of laws and policies which focus on preventing gender-based violence by promoting positive attitudes of men and boys in communities is improved Kamonyi and Gakenke districts(3 years) UN Trust Fund through Sonke Gender Justice (SA)
3. Mentorship program for promotion of healthy school environment through promotion of positive masculine behaviours 1] Improved quality access to education for adolescent girls and boys 2]PTC members trained on SGBV prevention and gender equality sensitize/conduct discussions with community opinion leaders on the issues 41 schools in the districts of Gatsibo and Bugesera(4 years) PLAN
4. Boys4Change 1] Strengthened capacity of 180 boys in peer mentorship on the topics of engaging men and boys in promoting gender equality and ending GBV through 5 effective boys4change clubs in 3 schools in Nyaruguru district within the 6 months of the project 2]Increased capacity of 180 teachers, parents and community members in the targeted 3 schools to provide active support to boys in promoting gender equality and ending GBV in their communities and schools before the end of the project on the engagement of men and boys in ending GBV and promoting gender equality
3] Increased knowledge and perception of Communities from 3 cells in the surrounding 3 schools on the roles of men and boys in ending GBV and promoting gender equality.
4]Strengthened capacity of National Education Stakeholders in expanding their work and their capacity to effectively mainstream Men Engage approach in promoting gender equality in schools.
3 secondary schools in Nyaruguru district(1 year pilot project) PLAN
5. Girls futures for education and financial literacy 1] Improve school environment to be more girl friendly and safe, 2] Improve sanitation and school facilities for girls, 3] Review of the National Girls’ Education strategic plan, 4] 2 schools in Nyaruguru district, 3 schools in Bugesera district(3 years) PLAN
6. Promotion of Women’s Rights through Male Engagement Approaches 1] Gender Focal persons are equipped with skills to sensitize the community to end GBV, 2] Trained focal persons transfer the acquired skills to the Rulindo community for the fight against GBV in their communities, 3] Community members and local authorities take action to fight GBV and show dedication to sustain project’s activities, 4] RWAMREC documents and shares best practices and experiences with different stakeholder Rulindo District (Base, Bushoki, Cyungo, Burega, Ntarabana, Shyorongi and Rukozo sectors): 4 Years NPA
7. Community Resource Centre in Bugesera: Women’s empowerment for sexual and gender-based violence prevention through education and psychosocial support provided within a Community Resource Centre The aim is To create a safer environment within Bugesera district, in which women are offered greater
protection from gender-based violence and greater access to counseling and relief services”
Outputs: 1] More women and menaccess GBV care andcounselling services, 2] Men and women are betterinformedand empowered inGBVprevention, 3] 12-18 year old girls and boys are better informed on GBV issues and are provided with
positive peer role models
Bugesera District(1 year) USAID through Africa- Women, Peace, and Security (AF-WPS)
8. School Mentorship program To create a safer school environment and women’s leaderships that ensures full exercise of child’s fundamental rights in a holistic manner through empowermentof young girls and boys in GBV prevention, adoption of positive masculine behaviours, non-violent adolescent relationships and responsible reproductive health decision making and skills Rulindo District (38 secondary schools)
1 year
USAID through Africa- Women, Peace, and Security (AF-WPS)
9.MenCare+ Bandebereho  Young men have a higher awareness of the importance of sexual and Reproductive health (SRH) and display more gender equitable attitudes and behaviors;
 Fathers become more involved in maternal health and in caregiving at home
 Changed attitude towards men as caregivers and allies in family planning
 More young men and women making use of higher quality SRH services
 Reduction of violence in intimate partner relationships
 More favorable policy environment for engaging men in SRH/MCH and stopping domestic violence.
Districts (Musanze, karongi, Nyaruguru and Rwamagana)
10.Indashyikirwa : Agents of Change Gender Based Violence (GBV) remains a serious problem throughout Rwanda. One of the main important cause of GBV is social norms which perpetuate unequal gender power relations. The Indashyikirwa project was organized to end that phenomenon.
Objective 1- Individual Level: Women, girls, men and boys are empowered and experience positive behaviour change.
Objective 2 - Family Level: Families practice and enjoy positive relationships and equitable gender power dynamics.
Objective 3 - Community Level: Communities actively engage in and benefit from sustainable social change to prevent and respond to GBV.
Objective 4 - Evidence Base: Strengthened evidence base for community prevention and response for GBV.
7 districts : Musanze, Burera, Rubavu, Nyabihu, Kayonza, Bugesera, Rwamagana. CARE

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  • Men are naturally loving, caring and sensitive; and may practice compassion and non-violence.

  • Powerful men do not need to hurt or blame others.

  • Men of quality do not fear equality.

  • There are non-violent, non-abusive, and non-controlling means of solving problems and conflicts.

Quotes on Gender

  • “A state that does not educate and train women is like a man who only trains his right arm.” ― Jostein Gaarder, Sophie's World

  • “If women are expected to do the same work as men, we must teach them the same things.” ― Plato, The Republic

  • “In politics, If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” ― Margaret Thatcher