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The State of World Fathers :
The State of the World’s Fathers reports (SOWF), landmark analyses of fatherhood and caregiving, draw upon research and statistics from hundreds of studies covering all countries in the world with available data. State of the World’s Fathers provides examples of best practices and recommendations for programmatic action to promote involved fatherhood and caregiving and to advance gender equality. An advocacy publication of the MenCare campaign, State of the World’s Fathers provides recommendations for policy, laying out a bold agenda for men and boys doing 50 percent of the world’s unpaid care work. Equimundo (former Promundo) led the development and dissemination of the first ever State of the World’s Fathers (SOWF) report in June 2015, and since then an updated new edition has been published every 2 years, with the last being launched in 2021. These publications serve as advocacy platforms for the MenCare campaign, which Equimundo co- coordinates globally.
Alongside the global editions, some country and regional analysis of the State of Fatherhood have also been published, including the State of Brazilian fatherhood (2019), the State of South Africa’s fathers (2017), the State of fathers in Latin America and the Caribbean (2017) and the State of Nordic fathers (2019), among others. It is in this framework that RWAMREC would like to produce the country report on the State of Rwandan Fathers, to support its advocacy agenda on engaging men and boys in unpaid care work.

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