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Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC) has on December 22nd 2020 provided 88 megaphones that will be used mainly in Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention and Community Score Card (CSC) mobilization campaign activities in the district of Rulindo in Northern Province.

The support was provided through the Public Information Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA) Project implemented in Rulindo district with fund from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

Rulindo district officials appreciated the ongoing RWAMREC’s contribution to the district development for the Megaphones are important mobilization tool during this period where physical gatherings are discouraged to prevent the spread of COVID 19 a Global Pandemic. Megaphones will help keep citizens updated on government’s programs but also in disseminating messages about GBV prevention and to encourage citizens in participatory governance through Community Score Cards (CSC).

” We are in the fight of COVID-19 but our children’s life still matter that is why we thank RWAMREC for this donation that will help us to keep teaching people that it is everyone’s responsibilities to fight against GBV but also informing them that there is zero tolerance to perpetrators involved in Gender Based Violence (GBV)” Mayor of Rulindo KAYIRANGA Emmanuel said.

Reception of the megaphones took place at Gasiza market where Governance Focal Persons (GFPs) representatives, IZU representatives, youth volunteers and some village leader representatives passed different messages to encourage people to actively get involved in the fight against GBV and improve its reporting.

Gasiza market participants revealed their conviction that these tools will be effectively be used by their leaders for regular updates on government programs during this period where physical gatherings were affected by COVID-19.

All megaphones are chargeable and use external batteries in the same time. These megaphones have also the capacity of recording messages to be replayed and disseminated repeatedly.