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The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) Ingabire Assoumpta has called Karongi district leaders and its partners to sustain achievements of Prevention+ Project implemented in the district from 2016 to 2020.

“I really commend RWAMREC for implementing a gender promotion and a GBV prevention project & excitingly reaching the whole population of Karongi district. It is also good that you are not leaving the district totally, but we want the district to take the lead that is how will know that the project has had an impact. Will after one year find good testimonies like those we heard today ? We will be engaging others to come for study visit but this requires you to sustain what we have achieved, we don’t want to come for learning purpose and find that everything was destroyed, we will encourage study tour but this will happen like in two years to come because we want to know if really you have sustained project gains. For me the project is not ended but restarted since approaches, techniques and trained mentors are still in the community.”

She was speaking during Prevention+ Project close-out event held in Karongi district conference hall on October 22nd 2020.

The Ministry has vowed the continued partnership with the district to sustain project gains by being in touch with the population who benefited from the outgoing project for continued sensitization and transfer of knowledge, being in collaboration with the district during planning period to make sure gender promotion and GBV prevention related activities are planned and are well budgeted.
All district authorities who spoke during the event have appreciated RWAMREC for a good collaboration and good approaches of working through the existing structures and the systems put in place in both schools and community because it makes monitoring and a follow up for sustainability easier.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, Venant Nzabonimana, RWAMREC Chair Person has extended gratitude to the project beneficiaries for their time and to the district for an energizing support and collaboration during the whole implementation period. He also took the occasion to hand over the prevention+ key documents as a reference for sustainability and continuation of activities.

During the five years of implementation, Prevention+ has realized tremendous interventions including establishing 64 Youth for Change (Y4C) clubs and training both mentors and clubs’ members on adapted program H/M to increase knowledge young boys and girls on gender equality promotion, GBV prevention and SRHR skills. It has also worked with the community by building the capacity for 4,517 community facilitators and local leaders to support all community members. The project has also engaged the community through different campaigns while institutions were targeted for creation of a gender just society. The project has collaborated with government for enabling environment through policy formulation and change.

Both students and couples who testified about the impact of Prevention+ interventions acknowledged that the project built self-reliance for women and girls, deconstructed old fashioned mindsets around gender roles, developed positive partnership among girls and boys, source of shared SRHR information among both boys and girls. Specifically, for couples, couple communication and avoidance of the family conflicts stimulated household development.

The objective of Prevention+ project was to contribute to creation of a gender-just society by transforming harmful social norms that drive GBV ; and ensuring that these changes are rooted in a legal system that supports them. Apart from Rwanda, the project was implemented in Uganda, Lebanon, and Indonesia.