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Through NPA supported Public Policy Information, Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA) project, Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC) has on July 24, 2020 provided over 3 tons of food support to Rulindo district as an assistance to deprived families affected by COVID19 pandemic.

The food items donated include 2628 Kgs of maize flour and 805 Kgs of beans and this support will be extended to 132 families selected in eight (8) sectors of Rulindo district.

Normally, PPIMA project seeks to empower the community for the increased participation in policy making and to hold leaders accountable. However, RWAMREC wanted to support the population with food relief to sympathize with project stakeholders who have been affected by COVID-19 Pandemic, to show them that the organization is always together with them in any situation.

District management appreciated the support as something cementing the existing partnership with RWAMREC.

Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA) is a project that helps involve Citizen in Policy-making and Evaluation and connects citizen with leaders to promote good governance. The project is being implemented with financial support of NPA.