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On 3rd February 2020 rwamrec with the financial support of Rwanda governance Board (RGB) we have progress the 2nd phrase of boys/girls4change club in 3 schools of Gatsibo district where students attended at level of 100%.

In G.S BUGARURA, students who made boys/girls4change club have studied sexual reproductive health and rights and they were so happy to get knowledge that they didn’t know, in their testimonies they said "we were living in so much lies but now we know the truth and we are going to open the eyes of our colleagues".

After remaindering what we studied last time and receiving new course on SRHR, the student shared different testimonies on how boys/girls4change club has change their lives, they said that being members in it has been very important to their daily lives at school and home because for now they have move from bad gender norms.

From their testimonies UMUHOZA Hassina told us” I have born in a family of girls only and my parents separated because of that and my father married another woman after a while she delivered a boy from that time me and my sisters we were disrespected at home and I was not believing in myself I was thinking that being a girl is a problem but after getting this training my life has changed for now I can take my own decision and build bright future for my own, I know that being a girl is not an issue me too I’m able.


AHISHAKIYE J. Paul he is a class representative in our family we had one sister and she was always in charge of everything at home and she get married my mother was the one to do it even when we should help we was not proud of it or doing it where other people are seeing us but this training has improved my thinking for I do all activities without a shame even at school I’m being an example to my colleagues I can clean the class.

As the club we are making change in the school we have time on the school assembly to teach others last time we have taught on GBV (its cause and impact) there is no much change for now but according to how other students are interested in knowing more we expect to see changes in our school and the surrounding community. And as our Silago said" fighting teenage pregnancy together is our concern" we will use the knowledge we have in our daily life and becoming social change agents who will be nice mothers and fathers.
They appreciate Rwamrec effort and support together with Rwanda governance board in building a better community.