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RWAMREC Executive Director states that promoting masculinity is very important in the battle against inequalities. He argues that while gender inequality is still pervasive around the world, there is evidence of significant, positive changes in men’s attitudes related to gender equality. He said this during a panel discussion on promoting positive masculinity as a theme of the first gender café organized by the UN Women in Rwanda in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on 23 October 2019 at Park Inn by Radisson in Kiyovu, Kigali. The launch of the gender café was attended by the UN agencies in Rwanda, Ambassador of the United States of America, International organizations in Rwanda, local NGOs in Rwanda, Gender machineries in Rwanda and others.

The objectives of the gender café include:
- Engage diverse actors on real-life gender issues and stimulate dialogue and debate yielding to higher gender literacy
- Introduce the latest research, emerging theory, and innovative tools and techniques that can be applied to foster positive masculinity in our communities.
- Spark new ideas, new theories and social change strategies, and new networks that can lead to more impactful research, new forms of advocacy, the dissemination of innovative and effective practices, and to raise the profile of gender expertise in Rwanda and beyond.
- Create a dynamic space for women and men to self-reflect, analyze and then voice their concerns while fostering a spontaneous dialogue where the conversation is controlled as much by the audience as it is by the presenters.