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Through its Gender Equality and Women’s Economic empowerment program(GEWEP), RWAMREC empowers its community activists to conduct GBV prevention discussions through community structures. It is against that background that on 24 September 2019 in Mukingo sector, Nyanza district, Cyerezo cell, Cyerezo village was organized‘’Intekoy’abaturage’’( Village Assembly). During this community GBV prevention awareness, the Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs, the Army commander in Nyanza and Ruhango districts, the advisor to the executive committee, the executive secretary of Mukingo sector, the executive secretary of Cyerezo cellwere present. During this activity, a community activist performed an action with the purpose todiscusswith the audience on how to fight against GBV daily. This one used a poster to trigger them about community thinking on how to fight against GBV and how men react on this. The audience was excited by the discussion which shows how this subject is verysensitive. After acommunity activist performance, all speeches focused on how GBV is the root cause of current family conflicts. This is the case of the Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs who appreciated RWAMREC interventions in that area. She said that when a couple lives without GBV, the whole district lives in peace.In his speech, the Army commander also focused on the fight against GBV as a pillar for peace.