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Activities involved include distributing 82,214 family performance contract booklets which will help families to improve the culture of working under performance contact, more especially to end Gender Based Violence (GBV) within the family.

The number of performance Contract booklets that will be distributed are equal to the number of households in Karongi District. In addition, 537 reporting books are equal to the number of villages in Karongi District and are being distributed in all villages of Karongi District.

The participants in the PED coordination meeting include: Karongi District, Sector, Cell and the Parents Evening Dialogue committee members who work at Village level.

The purpose of this coordination meeting is to discuss with participants on the dynamics of PED and its operational in providing their support in fighting against GBV.

It is also a platform to introduce the books that will be used in reporting PED activities and to distribute the family performance contract booklets for 2019-2020.

In partnership with the District the coordination meeting is an opportunity for the District to explain to the participants about Ejo haza program “the future”, which aims at promoting the spirit of saving for economic empowerment.