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Each year, RWAMREC through Prevention+ conducts reflection meetings as a mechanism to collaboratively identify the success made, challenges and dialogue around the recommendations for improvement. Based on feedback it was noticed that due to high turnover of teachers, refresher trainining have to be conducted to ensure that the new teachers who are the mentors of the students acquire knowledge needed to train students on GBV prevention and Gender Equality.

Participants in a training of teachers and head teachers, mentors of Youth for Change Clubs at Mukungu secondary school, a site in Mutuntu sector

The main reasons for the refresher trainings are: to increase knowledge of participants on gender, positive masculinity promotion and GBV prevention; to discuss about weaknesses found during Education Sector advocacy and reflection meetings; it works as a mechanism for supervision of the Y4C clubs; and a way to gather recommendation for strong institutionalization of the Y4C clubs, to ensure sustainability of the clubs.

Prevention+ reached all secondary schools of Karongi by offering a Gender and GBV prevention training to both the school authorities and the teachers for their involvement in the agenda of engaging men and women in ending GBV. From 2016 up to now, such trainings have been ongoing and so far 63 Secondary Schools have been involved, all the Karongi District Secondary Schools. 52 previously were trained under “youth for change clubs”, which were formed and are operational. And, from testimonies gathered there are positive behavioral and attitude change among the school administration and students at individual, school and community levels.