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The Community score card which handles Economic, Social and Good governance aspect, was officially launched at District level on of 21st May 2019, in Rulindo District, Base sector, Rwamahwa cell at Kiruri centre.

The score card is a tool whereby citizen themselves through INTEKO Z’ABATURAGE, Community Assemblies identify their issues and concerns, while leaders and service providers provide responses immediately or record them for further interventions.

The score card is also an accountability mechanism between demand side (citizen) and leaders and service providers. In Rulindo District, the score card sessions started on 7th May in the sectors where EDV is implemented.

The ceremony was officially launched by the Director of Good Governance, Jorithe who acknowledged RWAMREC’s contribution towards GBV prevention efforts and promised support to ensure that the use of the score card succeeds across all sectors. She also requested RWAMREC to cover the whole District.

Among participants the participants were RWAMREC’s Program Manager who briefed the audience on RWAMREC mission and vision and its activities on MenEnagage approach as well as the score card itself.

Karongi District Police was represented, Rwanda Investigation Bureau, Isange one stop centre, MAJ, Gender officer, JADF, Sector and cell leaders among others. The activity started at around 3PM and community members totalling around 400 were present.

People took the opportunity to asked questions to the leaders and service providers on economic, social and good governance and justice. Some people received solutions while others had their issues elevated and presented to sector level for further analysis for solutions.

On the left is the Director of Good Governance in Rulindo District during her speech on launching of the score card. On the right is the RWAMREC PM addressing the participants and the Community members

The project will contribute to the reduction of Gender Based Violence prevalence in Rwanda by 2019 in general, and in Rulindo District in particular. It is to enable the existing GBV structures in Rulindo District to effectively prevent and respond to Gender Based violence (GBV) as stipulated in the National Policy and programs against GBV in Rwanda.

It is to also ensure that the National Policy and programs Against GBV specifically in Rulindo District are implemented accordingly. The Gender Focal Point Persons (GFPPs) at Community level will coordinate and facilitating Parents Evening Dialogues (PED) sessions at village level and will facilitate the score card roll out at cell level since it is conducted through Community Assembles in Inteko z’Aturage.
Through the support of Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), since 2012, RWAMREC has been implementing the Ending Domestic Violence (EDV) project which seeks to contribute to fighting GBV in general; with special focus on the issue of domestic violence.

This year, 2019 the project is designated in a way that each EDV partner has to implement different activities, all contributing to reach the same project outcome and the same project goal by strengthening the prevention and response structures to end gender based violence in Rulindo District.