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On 23 and 24th March 2019, RWAMREC conducted a 2-days training of GS Mburabuturo students in line with the TWICECEKA project, funded by Women for Women.

The overall purpose of the training was to contribute to increase knowledge on issues of Gender and GBV prevention. The training sought to help the students better understand how attitudes and beliefs acquired through socialization lead to social inequalities and often act as the main cause of gender based violence. The training’s specific purpose hence was to support the students to adopt more positive forms of masculinities and femininities, for as drivers of gender equality promotion; with particular focus placed on the role of boys and men in preventing teenage pregnancies.

Outcomes of the training

The training workshop was fruitful. The below testimonies attest to the knowledge acquired around equal rights, the importance of men’s involvement in unpaid care work, the provision of equal opportunity to women, sexual and reproductive health and rights etc. Students testified to a better understanding of social constraints and negative attitudes and behavior that drive GBV. Commitments undertaken by the students include the establishment of a TWICECEKA club to help their peers develop the same changed attitudes around gender; hence contributing to preventing teenage pregnancies in schools and neighboring communities.

Knowledge acquired

NTWARI Junior, a S1 student reported that he has always believed domestic chores are a girl’s responsibilities, i.e. sweeping, wiping, cleaning etc... Junior acknowledges that although he sometimes cleans at school, he only does it when ordered to do so. Following the training however, Junior stated that he is convinced both boys and girls can and should help one another; and that sharing these tasks would indeed allow girls to have more time to focus on their school work.

Elysé NAMBAJIMANA, a S1 student reported that he never pictured teenage pregnancy as something other than a girls’ issue. Now Elysé understands that teenage pregnancies are also a concern to boys and men. He committed to change and help other young men in his community to fight against GBV, by avoiding risk factors and protecting girls against any harm in his school and neighborhood.

Bambino Esther from S1, who also benefited from the training, committed to doing all that it takes to avoid falling pregnant and using drugs. In addition she committed to engaging in peer mentoring to reach unto other girls and build their capacity to better understand their rights and responsibilities