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The Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre has made a follow up to find the extent to which the Parents Evening Dialogues (PED) contribute to promoting safe families. The exercise included RWAMREC’s participation in the PED meetings.
In the meetings public lectures were delivered by the RWAMREC representatives, District Officials, representatives of the District National Women Council, the Parents Evening Dialogue Committees and its members at Village level.

The PED Committee perform a drama about a GBV free family and a family with GBV which happened to change after being engaged

Gimu Shyikiro, RWAMREC representative in Ngoma informed the public about GBV and the 4 types of GBV which include economic, psychological, sexual and physical violence. He called upon the PED committees and members to end GBV and reminded them of their role in the prevention and fighting of GBV.
Heritier Udatsikira called upon the PED Committee to work closely with other leaders like women’s Council and the local leaders to identify and engage families in conflicts. He said that the move would enable the changed couples inspire the perpetrators of GBV.
Florence Mutesi talked about the role of men in the GBV prevention, partnering in child care, family planning and fighting/preventing GBV, aiming at ensuring safe families.
District National Women’s Council Coordinator representative, Jeanne D’Arc Twambajemariya talked about the role of parents in fighting family issues. She explained that a family with GBV lead to less care for the children which affects the mental growth of children as well as physical.

Since 2017 PED committee members have been trained by RWAMREC through Prevention+ Programme on GBV prevention and gender equality and all the 537 villages of Karongi District were reached. The Committee members were equipped with training material such us a module on program P (couples’ curriculum), a booklet within a summary on GBV and Family law etc.

To ensure that prevention+ intervention are reaching couples, RWAMREC in close collaboration with Karongi District produced over 64,000 copies of family performance contract which were distributed in all families. This was in additional to monthly Parents evening sessions and 537 PED sign post which were distributed, indicating where Parents evening dialogues take place in each village.