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The Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC) through Prevention+ has ended a Campaign on promoting safe families by engaging Parents Evening Dialogue (PED) stakeholders in Gishyita, Mubuga, Murundi Sectors of Karongi District.
On 13th March in Karongi District, the campaign and PED Coordination meeting commenced in Gishyita Sector and it will be conducted in all the 13 Sectors of Karongi District aiming at understanding the extent to which the operationalization of PED Committees is effective in all villages as and as a follow up on the impact of the Family performance contracts.

It is organised by RWAMREC in collaboration with Karongi District, it includes discussions on the outcomes of PED forums and committees, testimonies of behavioural change that were as a result of the knowledge acquired from the Capacity Building on GBV prevention+, delivered by RWAMREC through Prevention+ Programme.

During the deliberations, Gimu Shyikiro who works with Prevention+ at RWAMREC said that fighting GBV is everyone’s concern and any person can be victims, including men. He added that any person experiencing violence has to be supported to access justice.

He also urged men to ensure good relationship in the family by ensuring that they relate well with their spouses and children or else they regret in future.
“The reason children take care of their mothers than men when they grow old is due to the care and love they got from the mothers…and to change this man have to change towards being close to their children”, Gimu said.
Fabien Ntagwabira works with Prevention+ at RWAMREC encouraged the participants in the meeting to work jointly in preventing any kind of GBV in order to have peaceful families. He added that cases of extreme domestic violence where men or women kill their spouses should not exist anymore.

“All stakeholders in preventing GBV should work together to ensure that we don’t receive more cases of people killing their spouses” Fabien explained.
Heritien Udatsikira a representative of Karongi District encouraged the PED stakeholders to be sensitive towards GBV in their communities. He said that there are many interventions in place and they have to be in line with the efforts put in at the community level.

He said that “all stakeholders should ensure that they have information about families in conflicts to engage and counsel them in order to prevent cases of domestic violence”.
Florence Mutesi, working with Prevention+ at RWAMREC said that all people present are parents and have a responsibility of enhancing safe families. She noted that men like women have a lead role in ending GBV by saying that it is harmful to both survivors and perpetrators.
"Although men are normally the perpetrators of GBV and seem like no effect of violence to them, they are also affected. They never feel at peace when at home due to the bad relationship they have with their wives and children, being the reason they abuse alcohol and sometimes avoid being at home”.
She added that research shows that the majority of people who commit suicide are men and the possibility is that they in most cases feel isolated and consider life as being meaningless.
Mulundi Sector Social Affairs, Jean Baptist said that once PED is well run and active, every aspect of government programmes will be achieved since every good or bad originates from families. He added that the advice and support PED gets to be empowered should not be fruitless.