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On 13th March in Karongi District, Gishyita Sector, Prevention+ Programme launched its Campaign on the Prevention of Gender-Based (GBV). The Parents Evening Dialogue (PED) Coordination meeting and Campaign will be conducted in all the 13 Sectors of Karongi District aiming at understanding the extent to which the operationalization of PED Committees is effective in all villages as and as a follow up on the impact of the Family performance contracts.

The Campaign is organised by the Rwanda Men’s Resource through Prevention+ Programme in collaboration with Karongi District includes discussions on the outcomes of PED forums and committees, testimonies of behavioural change that were as a result of the knowledge acquired from the Capacity Building on GBV prevention+, delivered by RWAMREC through Prevention+ Programme.

The Campaign will run from 13th to 29th March 2019, it targets the technical team from the District who include Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Director of Good Governance, Gender Officer and the in charge of Joint Development Forum; National Women Council working at Sector (13 Sectors), Cell (88 Cells) and Village (537 Villages) level, in charge of Social Affairs at Sector level; the Executive Secretary of Cell; Social Economic Development Officer at Cell level; Women’s Forum (URUGAGA) from District to Village Level; Village Leaders and the president of the PED Committees from all the villages.

The Campaign will work as a platform for accountability where concerned leaders will have information exchange on successes registered by PED and family performance contract in all villages and shared at sector level; hear about the status of GBV in the sectors; gaps and challenges faced in the operationalization of PED forum and family performance contracts; discuss strategies /recommendation for improvements and celebrate achievements made by women in the District.
Prevention+ in an International Programme that promotes men and women partnership in ending GBV. It is implemented in four countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Indonesia, Indonesia and previously in Pakistan from 2016 to 2020 by Promundo, Rutgers and Sonke Gender Justice. In Rwanda, it runs under RWAMREC in Karongi District. It aims at creating a gender just society by transforming harmful social norms that drive GBV and ensuring that these changes are rooted in a legal system that supports them—by engaging all levels of change: Individual, Community, Institutional and Government.

PED committee members from all 537 villages were trained from 2017 to 2018, building their capacity on gender and GBV related issues. And it is in this regard that RWAMREC through the programme provided the committee booklets with a summary of GBV and Family Law as well as other content of the training on gender and GBV matters.

To ensure that prevention+ intervention is reaching couples, RWAMREC in close collaboration with Karongi District produced over 64,000 copies of family performance contract templates which were distributed to all families; 537 signpost indicating where Parents evening session take place in each village and PREVENTION+ in collaboration with Karongi Districts developed monitoring tools to be used in monitoring how PED works.

The Campaign and meeting are in the framework of celebrating the International women’s day under the theme “Think Equal, Build Smart, innovate for Change” at International level and the National theme “Together, let’s build a safe family”.

Interested parties can learn more about the event by visiting and using the above contacts.