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Gender Monitoring Office (GMO), is a public institution, established by the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 4th June, 2003 as amended to date, in its article 185. As stipulated in the law no 51/2007 of 20/09/2007 determining the responsibilities, organization and functioning of the gender monitoring office in Rwanda, it has legal personality, an administrative and financial autonomy and is supervised by the Office of the Prime Minister.
GMO became operational in October 31st, 2008 by appointment of the High Monitoring Council; while the Executive Secretary was appointed by the Cabinet meeting on March 25th, 2009. GMO started its operations on 1 July 2009, with employees from the Beijing Secretariat.

GMO Services:
• Putting in place basic indicators in respect of gender and submitting them to various institutions
• Provide advice on gender related issues through research and disseminate findings to relevant institutions for gender responsive policy formulation
• Provide Gender status reports for the implementation of national gender related laws and policies
• Develop and provide guidelines on domestication of international gender related commitments/treaties ratified by Rwanda and prepare and monitor its implementation
• Receiving and examining complaints relating to injustice and gender based violence and forwarding them to relevant institutions for further actions and monitor the quality of services provided to GBV victims
• Contribute to the preparation of the State Budget Draft Law for the respect of “gender sensitive budget” by developing guidelines.
• Produce the Gender Status Report to the government, parliament, and supreme court

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  • Men are naturally loving, caring and sensitive; and may practice compassion and non-violence.

  • Powerful men do not need to hurt or blame others.

  • Men of quality do not fear equality.

  • There are non-violent, non-abusive, and non-controlling means of solving problems and conflicts.

Quotes on Gender

  • “A state that does not educate and train women is like a man who only trains his right arm.” ― Jostein Gaarder, Sophie's World

  • “If women are expected to do the same work as men, we must teach them the same things.” ― Plato, The Republic

  • “In politics, If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” ― Margaret Thatcher